Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July! IT'S PLAYTIME!!

I'll post our 4th of July festivities on my next blog. Herein lies the reason my blog is pretty dead: It's SUMMERTIME PLAY, baby!

Allowing the children to run to the playground seemed like a good idea - until I saw everyone ditch MamaDB's Charlie Brown. He didn't seem to notice, though.

Pretty cool teeter-totter. LittleMan "assisting" Lucy and Charlie Brown in getting the structure to rock. Charlie planted himself at this location for quite a while after the other two left.

BoopaLoop wanted to help push too. Not surprisingly, this desire quickly faded to be replaced by "I want to swing too".

Thanks to MamaDB's family, we deemed gorgeous weather and beautiful company a grand reason to break out the water slide again. The following day we came up with another excuse to break it out again.

BoopaLoop is getting more and more confident in the water as she gets older and begins to trust her swim instructors.

Nothing like playing with your friends in a water slide during the summer.

My Mukor playing "monster" with the kids before we had dinner celebrating LittleMan's birthday.

For AllThingsBD's consideration for Fashion Tuesday
BoopaLoop getting appropriately attired (thanks to Lucy) for summertime play in the backyard. Notice the criss-cross velcro straps on her shoes? She does this every time she puts these shoes on, and I don't know where she got this idea.

Have a wonderful Independence Day! Be safe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I don't like him! Bring me someone else."

This blog title is a quote from Robin Williams who was the stand-up comedian act before Barbara Streisand's One Voice concert (back in the dinosaur age or the late 1980's, I think). He was looking out at the audience full of people who spent $5K per person to be there to see Babs sing, and what he saw was a sea of powerful celebrities. Governors. Mayors. Actors. Singers.

Robin Williams claimed that this quote was what the audience was thinking while they were watching him.

What does this have to do with my blog? Not much actually... but it is what came to mind when I was thinking of what my BoopaLoop did.

A few days ago, BoopaLoop came out of her bedroom.


BoopaLoop - Mom! I don't have any skirts to wear.

Me - Are you certain? I just washed your clothes.

BoopaLoop - Really.

Me - [Thinking about the clean clothes I washed] What about the pink one?

BoopaLoop - I put it in the drawer.

Me - Then why don't you wear it.

BoopaLoop - [Sighing heavily] Noooo, not THAT drawer. The other drawer where I put clothes that don't fit me.

Me - [?!?!?!] They don't fit you?! But, I think they are size 5 or 6. (She wears a size 4 or 5.)

I got up from the couch to go check this out. There is a drawer under my children's closet that I have designated the these-clothes-are-too-small drawer. Once the drawer fills up, I stuff, jam gently pack the clothes up in a box marked "GARAGE SALE".

However, when I opened the drawer, there was a huge number of clothes in there - many of which I had just purchased. None of which I put in there.

I started to pull the clothes out of the drawer one at a time.

Me - This jacket is too small?

BoopaLoop - I couldn't zip it up.

Me - I see. What about these pants?

BoopaLoop - I couldn't button it.

Me - Ah. Oh here! This is the pink skort I was talking about. They should still fit you.

BoopaLoop - But, the strings wouldn't tie up!

Now, I understand.

This drawer is where BoopaLoop puts her clothes on Time-Out.