Thursday, February 3, 2011

From The Mouth Of Babes

I was frustrated with my daughter.

BoopaLoop's picture taken by me and then improved by AllThingsBD

She wasn't eating dinner, and I was pretending she was until she hurt her foot messing around in the kitchen. (After spending 30 minutes eating my dinner, I excuse myself, so I don't see the 3-course microwaved meal I slaved over get sneered at.)

My BoopaLoop comes sobbing into the living room where I'm hanging out trying to ignore her. When she falls into my lap, I say, "No! You wouldn't have hurt yourself if you had been listening to me and staying in your chair while eating dinner!!" (Picture flames surrounding my head.)

BoopaLoop continues sobbing as she pathetically scampers to the dining room table.

I shake my head at my Mom who is giving me a strange look.

Soon, I hear the thumping of feet coming from the dining room table. I know it isn't BoopaLoop since I still hear her sobbing at the table.

LittleMan pokes his head around the corner of the kitchen.

LittleMan - "Geez, Mom! At least give her a hug!"

Me - "..."

Me - Contritely "BoopaLoop, would you like a hug?"

I really should have been put on time out.