Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mom Thinks She Is Always Right

I've heard it said that kids don't really understand when parents fight in front of them. All evidence to the contrary, of course. Unfortunately, my children have been witness to many of my own failings, but I have never had it slap me in the face as it did today on our way to the tennis club.

The kids were watching "The Secret of NIHM" in the van.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, it revolves around rats and mice.

LittleMan - "That rat is mean."
BoopaLoop - "I like cats."
LittleMan - "I like both cats and dogs."
BoopaLoop - "I like them all too."
Me - "Yes, you sure do like all animals."
LittleMan - "She just said that 'cause I said it."
Me - "I don't think so, honey.  She does like all animals."
LittleMan [thinking a moment] - "No, she said that after I said it."
Me - "I'm pretty certain she said that to add to what you were saying."
LittleMan - "She only said it after I said it."
Me [laughing in my head] - "You're right.  She said it because you said it."
BoopaLoop - "I like all animals."
LittleMan [looking out the window] - "I was right."

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