Monday, June 25, 2007

Tennis is a fabulous sport

Tennis is a fabulous sport.  My mother had been encouraging me to join a tennis club for years, but I felt that I was too busy to take advantage of a club.  I also did not want the task of organizing every game.  After all, I prefer doubles tennis over singles, but I will play singles for a better workout on occasion.  But who wants to call three people every time you want to play?

I always felt like a capable tennis player, but growing up, my sport of choice was basball (as a youth) then softball (as a teenager).  I switched to tennis when I realized it was easier to organize a game for 4 or 2 rather than 18 for a sport.  And then, I failed to even organize that much... so I finally gave in and joined a tennis club.

It is AWESOME!  As the saying goes, always listen to your mother's advice. Well, I am so sorry I waited this long to listen to my mom about joining a tennis club.  It is absolutely the best hobby I have ever found.  I was fortunate enough to find a tennis club that had child care for the little ones, and my kids love going there.  Also, the club will hook me up with people of my ability level to play with, so I don't have to worry about organizing anything unless I really want to.  The club also has a file of times and days I wish to play.  Ah, perfection.

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