Friday, September 21, 2007

How does it happen?

I consider myself a relatively neat person - not Grandma-can-come-over clean but the-kitchen-and-bathroom-are-tidy clean.  However, since the children have come along, our house is now littered with toys, and our backyard looks like 500 children deserted their toys at a playground. But, every few days we do a grand cleaning, and it looks relatively normal again.

What I don't understand is how my van goes from clean to "DID A TORNADO LAND HERE?" in under 60 seconds.

I think I have narrowed down my loss of control of the van cleanliness to one question my children always ask me, "Mom, can I please bring this multi-functional toy with many teeny tiny parts with me?"  And I say, "Of course, as long as you promise to pick up very little teeny tiny piece, arrange it properly back into place, and carry it back into our home."

Oh sure, for a while I'm really good about reminding the kids to bring the toy back into the house.  But, all it takes is that one time I forget, and I guess that's when the build up occurs.

Either that or the kids are secretly unloading their toys into the van at night - you know, in case of a toy emergency or to drive me batty.

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