Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knock Knock Joke from a 3 Year Old

After I picked my daughter up from pre-school, she declared that she was tired. I informed her that we were on our way home, and she could nap when we get there. Satisfied with that answer, my daughter tried to fall asleep in the van.  This would be disasterous for both of us.  It takes us about 15 minutes to arrive home, so she'll sleep all of 5 minutes before waking up when we got home.  Chances of going back to sleep for her? Zero.

To keep her awake, I tried to make her laugh.

Me - "Knock knock"

BoopaLoop - "Who's there?"

Me - "Banana"

BoopaLoop - "Bananya who?"

Me - "Knock knock"

If you are familiar with this joke, then you know you keep repeating this until you sense that the child is sick of hearing you say "Banana".  Then, you finish the joke...

Me - "Knock knock"

BoopaLoop - "Who's there?"

Me - "Orange"

BoopaLoop - "Orange who?"

Me - "Orange you glad I didn't say banana!"

Okay, old joke, but my daughter thought it was funny.  She didn't understand the joke, but it seemed silly to her, so she laughed and that kept her awake.  Mission accomplished!

BoopaLoop - "Mommy? Knock knock."

Me - "Who's there?"

BoopaLoop - "Bananya"

Me - Smiling, "Banana who?"

BoopaLoop - "Bananya fawl down and bonk on your head!" She laughed. I laughed at how funny she thought she was. This was a typical knock knock joke from my children. LittleMan originated the [Noun] bonks on your head version, and both kids thought these jokes were hilarious.

BoopaLoop - "Knock knock"

Me - "Who's there?"

BoopaLoop - "Orange"

Me - Surprised, "Orange who?"

BoopaLoop - "Orange you glad bananya bonk on your head?"

Tears rolled down my face, I was laughing so hard.

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