Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was playing tennis at the invitation of a friend, and she introduced me to this lovely older gentleman. He introduced himself and then proceeded to tell me a joke. He seemed very friendly and nice, so I put on my best 'interested' face fully expecting to not like this joke. Pretty cynical, huh? Here is the joke he told me:

"A husband and wife were laying in bed one night. He was watching TV, and she was absorbed in a book. While the wife was reading, she was dimly aware that her husband was touching her calf. Soon, he was touching her thigh. Smiling, the wife continued to stare at the book. As his hand inched higher, the wife closed her book, but suddenly, the husband stopped. The wife looked at her husband, "Why did you stop?" The husband said, "What? Oh, I found the remote."

I love it.

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