Friday, September 28, 2007

Irresponsibility versus Heartbreak

For a while, my family has been hanging on to the chest-cold-cough for a while. Friends of ours, who have already gone through this illness, say that it is going to take about 6-8 weeks before the coughing will go away. My Mukor and LittleMan are on week 5, and BoopaLoop is on week 4. So far, (knock on wood) I have avoided this round of colds.

My mother is expected to visit tonight. She is driving 3 hours to come stay the weekend. However, at approximately 3 PM today, BoopaLoop started to act lethargic (thanks to Mama DB for the perfect word to describe her condition). Finally, at 6 PM she started to have a fever. I told my son that Grandma probably won't visit since his sister is sick. This news made my son cry. He loves my mom. I believe she is his best friend. Seeing his reaction, breaks my heart.

So, my mother calls to tell me that she is coming, and I DON'T TELL HER that BoopaLoop has a fever. I am afraid she won't come if I tell her.  I am a BAD, BAD person! My Mukor, sitting next to me, asks me why I didn't tell her about BoopaLoop's condition. I sigh, and say because I am a horrible person. In my gut, I know I just didn't want to break my son's heart.

I pick up the phone and call my mother back. I responsiblity inform her of BoopaLoop's fever, and tell her not to come. She thought about it and decided to come anyway. Apparently my desire to not break my son's heart is hereditary. We are hopeless.

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