Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cash or Trophies

I entered into a tennis tournament on Labor Day weekend a couple of months back, and I nearly killed myself playing in it. I'm not an outstanding player, but I play often enough to be considered competent. Over the last 5 years, I've been playing mostly doubles with a smattering of singles tennis thrown in. For those of you unfamiliar with tennis, the only important thing to note is that singles requires a lot more fitness than doubles does.

I signed up for the tournament a level lower than I normally play since I was going to try my hand at singles tennis. I mean, the ladies on TV make it look so easy! I pay my $35 USTA tournament fee, and eagerly await the day to play. Since I'm playing a level lower than my skill, I figured I'd win a match or two, but poop out from fatigue after that.

About 2 weeks after signing up for the tournament, I received an e-mail from the tournament director informing me that since there were not enough ladies signed up for the level I was at, they were going to bump me UP a level! So, now I will be playing at my skill level, but it will be singles rather than doubles. After the shock wore off, I decided that I would go out in a blaze of exhaustion that first match. Oh well.

To make a long story shorter, I ended up winning the tournament. Don't ask me how. I didn't think I was physically capable of it, but I surprised myself. The tournament director handed me an envelope and said congratulations. Now, in the past when I've placed in a tennis tournament, I received a generic trophy. I'm not a professional tennis player, so I wouldn't receive cash. LittleMan thinks I'm an athetic GOD since I have all of these trophies from tennis on our mantle. Okay, there are only 4 trophies, but still!

When I arrived home after winning the tournament, LittleMan ran up and asked me how I did.

Me - "I won!"
LittleMan - "Oh, wow! Where is your trophy?"
Me - "Uh, they gave me a check for $75."
LittleMan - [Staring at the check.]
Me - [Watching him stare at the check.]
LittleMan - "You didn't get a trophy? I thought you won."
Me - [Watching LittleMan walk away.]

How sad is it that I wished I had received a trophy too?

I ordered a canvas tennis bag online. It has a beautiful tennis racket embroidered on the front with the following words - "Singles Tennis Winner - Tiffany". How awesome am I?


steenky bee said...

Was it at least one of those huge cardboard checks? That would have been all kinds of awesome.

Don said...

As Elmer Fudd would say, "I think you ah vehhhhh-wee awesome!"

gingela5 said...

Maybe you could use the $75 to buy a trophy...that way it will make him happy!

Jannie Funster said...

This reminds me sooo uncannily of being a performing songwriter. It was so much easier to be one of a band but now that I could be on "my own" am scared.

But if you can kick ass singly - why can't I?

I feel this post was written entirely for my inspirational benefit and I thank you.

I am going to start getting myself ready to kick some ass as Esther Von Vandervester, woman who needs a man with a chainsaw. And I don't even need a trophy or 75 bucks, (altho I wouldn't turn those down if they were offered for my brilliance.)

Thank you.