Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weather - you like it or not

When I was 7 years old, my famiy moved from Massachusettes to Southern California. I remember mourning the loss of snow - by whining and insisting that Christmas was ruined with NO SNOW. WWAAAAHHHHHHHH!  I am certain it was a lovely trip for my parents - all 4 days of it.  We moved during the summer, and my sour mood quickly brightened when I realized the sun was always shining. AND I didn't have to wear a jacket EVER.

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I'm visiting All Things BD's family in Texas.  Today, it has been hot, sweltering, cold, rainy, WHO DUMPED BUCKETS OF WATER ON US, and thunderstorms. I have to say that Texas keeps you on your toes. I feel a little like my body is warping from the pressure changes.

Seeing the dark, ominious clouds move towards us at a high speed was an awesome sight to behold, I must say.  In Southern California, that morning you could have rain clouds with the weatherman saying that the chance of rain is 100%, and you have this huge, fat cloud over your head just sitting there.  48 hours later that cloud decides to drop its rain finally, and weathermen will say, "See?!".

I have to say I like that Texas weather changes so quickly.  As they say in Texas, if you don't like the weather, don't worry it will change in a few minutes.

However, I don't think I could take planning my tennis matches in this kind of chaos.


Anonymous said...

YEA!!! I found you...mom...lol

Tiffany T said...

Hey, Mom! Glad you stopped by. Yeah, I finally got sucked into the Blogger-triangle.

michelle said...

Michigan weather is the same. Day to day it can change so much. Snow one day, sunny and hot the next!

Tiffany T said...

I have never lived in Michigan, but I had always assumed it was very cold there. One of the things I miss most about living on the East Coast is a sense of seasons. In California, it is always summer with a smattering of rain thrown in for good measure.