Thursday, October 16, 2008

Insanly desperate or Desperately insane?

I can't figure out how to keep my socks from disappearing.  I know about dryers, and their conspiracy to horde all socks for some kind of lint-cleaning-convention, but what is my excuse for losing my socks in other locations? Arguably, my underpants are smaller than my socks, so I should be losing them left and right.  Right? Yet, somehow I'm only losing my socks!  I'm losing them in the living room; I'm losing them in the bedroom; I'm losing them in the KITCHEN for crying out loud.  Seriously, what is the deal?!

I'm tried of it, I tell you! I have had enough!! I am sick of putting up with wearing mismatched socks that are two halves of my favorites pairs! I think I am going insane.

please. please. please little sock fairy. bring me back my socks.


All Things BD said...

Oh, hey, I took your sock.

Don said...

I will not put locks on my socks.
I will not put blocks on my socks.
I will not put rocks on my socks.
Does that seem at all strange?

I will not put clocks on my socks.
I will not put chocks on my socks.
I'll put no box upon my socks,
(Because they are free range.)

My socks don't run, Heaven knows...
I get runs in panty hose.

Michelle said...

I know what you mean about the lost socks! We have a sock box at our house for all the lone socks. Eventually the mates make it in there and we start all over!

Tiffany T said...

Thanks, Michelle, for the idea. I think I will try that. Right now, I've been using mismatched socks as dusters, but it depresses me seeing my favorite sock reduced to housework.
Don, what can I say? You rock my soul man... or is it sock my soul? I'll leave the crazy wit to you.
AllThingsBD, I had always suspected as much.