Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And the Honest Scrap award goes to...

I was gifted with this "Honest Scrap" award by my sister-in-law, All Things BD, for numerous reasons... which are... uh... three-fold:

1. Choose... blah, blah, blah... brilliant in content or design

2. Show the... blah,blah, blah... can keep the nifty icon.

3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself

As part of the pay-it-forwardness that are blog awards, I will bestow this award onto fellow bloggers that I believe are worthy of such high prestige.

To Lorraine at Keeps Me Smiling! - whose wit and refreshing honesty about life keeps me smiling when I would normally run away screaming, and she created the MUST HAVE product for children - Busy Kits!

To The Family at Sqwahr - whose love for one another reminds me that there is so much goodness and joy out there that routinely goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

To Angela at My Dogumentary - whose stories make me laugh because I can relate to them so intimately, and whose dogs are the cutest most photogenic canines on the planet.

To DJ at Lavabo in Aquam - whose insight and sarcasm on everyday things helps me to not take it all too seriously.

I thank each of you for your excellent and inspirational contributions to the blogsphere!

Now to address # 3 of the reasons I received this particular award.  10 honest things about myself:

10. I would feel no guilt over hiring a full-time housekeeper and cook. I don't enjoy doing these tasks on a daily basis, so if I could afford not to do them, why should I?

9. I am an awful fictional writer. I have been writing a fictional novel for about 6 years, but every time I go to read what I have written, re-written and added, I'm embarrassed. I must be a masochist since that hasn't stopped me from enjoying the process and foraging ahead.

8. I haven't visited a doctor / dentist / dermatologist or other medical professional (other than the ER for dehydration) in 5 years. I'm not afraid - I just kind of fell out of the habit.

7. I'm appalled at how many people have strong, passionate beliefs but have no clue why they believe that way.

6. I love passionate discussions where tempers may flare.

5. I HATE watching the news. Everyone has a bias and philosophical filter through which all opinions pass, so why not acknowledge those filters rather than wasting my time pointing out every one else's hypocrisy?

4. About once a week I lay on my couch and do nothing more that day than take care of the kids, cook dinner, watch TV, and fiddle around on my computer.  It is like a mini-vacation.

3. Nothing angers me more than an injustice. I will go out of my way to right a wrong, even if my child isn't involved. It is a sickness.

2. I regret not having the courage to complete "try-outs" for various events in my life. I practiced and practiced but when the day of "try-outs" came, I would chicken out. I will always look back on those days and think of myself as a coward.

1. No matter how much I might make fun of celebrities, I will always be star-struck when I meet one in person. I have never looked more idiotic than when I've tried to have a conversation with a celebrity.  "Golly, I think you're swell!"

Thank you, All Things BD, for the award.  I dedicate this award to my mother who is probably the only one who is really interested in reading my 10 truths!


All Things BD said...

You are welcome, and those are some great truths.

Anonymous said...

lol...I did enjoy. Things that you never told me! Good to know, mine kid. The attempts at writing have helped you in other ways, you know...keep trying! Mom

DJ said...

Thank you very much, I had no idea that I had any insight, but glad you like reading. :)
#8, ugh, I wish I hadn't been in 5 years, I hate going to the dr and the dentist. You should probably get a check up though. :)
#9, I'm sure you're not awful! your writing on your blog is very nice, we are always are own worst critics
#5, I hate the news too. I REALLY hate talk radio.

Don said...

Thanks for the Award, Tiffany. We think a great deal of you, too.

Michele said...

Tiffany, I have thought that you are a truly honest person, ever since I started hanging around your blog. I see the love you have for family and the passion you have for tennis. And I have wondered if you are/are trying to be a writer. Glad I was right. Don loves the process also, and is attempting his own form using the web. But his biggest breakthrough has been writing about what he knows. It seems to have caused a huge step in a different direction than in the past. I'm just passing along info, as his editor in residence...Keep working on your novel, and your blog. I find what you write about very insightful, from a mother/daughter viewpoint, since I have a daughter and a daughter in law, and grands!