Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follow Up

Every so often, I like to update my friends and family on what happened after I blogged about something.  So, here are five previous blogs I did that I'd like to update you all on.

Birthdays And Such (10/13/2008): I was at this time visiting with AllThingsBD's family when I turned the ripe old age of 37. (I'm 37 right?... 1971-2009... uh... not yet October, so yeah 37!) I had mentioned in this blog entry how I have a tendency to forget gift cards sitting in my purse. Well, I'm happy to say that I joyfully used the iTunes and Starbucks gift cards immediately! However, I still have my $100 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond sitting in my purse. I know! I'm working on it...

Imaginary Play (10/21/2008): This blog was an example of the kind of imaginary play my children engage in with myself and My Mukor. And now, 4 months later, we are reaping the costs of it. BoopaLoop is all about being silly during pretend play. She will turn anything into silliness. This, of course, has prompted the following mantra from me, "There is a time to be silly and a time to be serious. Right now, I need you to be serious."

Of Not-So-Sound Mind (11/03/2008): I remember this blog like it was yesterday. I believe all moms experience this guilt - I have infected the world with my or my children's illness, and God will punish me!! Fortunately for me, I didn't infect any of the ladies or their children at this playdate. In fact, I don't remember infecting my family - and THAT is quite a feat. But still the battle between keeping your children at home and letting them play with others when showing signs of illness is still being waged. I will still judge you if you get my children sick, though.

Just Let It Go (11/04/2008): Ah... the obsession with my children's schooling - yes, I remember those days. I'm not worried about it much anymore, and I believe that has everything to do with the fact that LittleMan is well into his 2nd Kindergarten year. I think I was still stressing about my decision to repeat him in Kindergarten that got me all worked up over this issue to begin with. Now that he seems to be exactly where he needs to be, and he seems to be "getting" things this time around that didn't click for him the first year, I am at peace with it all.

Radiation, Lasagna, and Astronauts (11/10/2008): It wasn't until I re-read this entry that I realized that my children now answer each other's questions in this crazy fashion. If BoopaLoop wants to know why something is a way it is, LittleMan will say something like, "Because the spaceships shot a laser into it making it purple" or whatever it was that BoopaLoop asked. Part of me thinks it is awesome they are trying to come up with creative solutions for these questions, but another part of me thinks we need to invest in some excellent Encyclopedias.

Well, that concludes this session of "Follow-Up". It will probably be another 4 months before the next one.


Anonymous said...

I just read your comment on Amazing Trips. You were quite eloquent in your writing and thought I would come over to read your blog.

You are so right! People who inspire us to keep going no matter what the obstacles are the ones we should/could be applauding.

I one of Amazing Trips many cuzzins ~ just wanted to tell you that I have sent your comment to my oldest son - he's 19 - in college and "looking for his place in the world".

I get so aggravated when he and my other children (all boys) talk about incidentals.

SO often I find myself praying that they will find inspirational examples which is so hard in the world of infinite media!!!

I enjoyed reading this post as well ~ Thanks, Marg

Carolina said...

I like this follow up, since I just started reading your blog. I like anything with spaceships and lasagna in the same post, funny.

Tiffany T said...

Marg: I'm deeply touched that you passed my comments on to your son! I feel your aggravation - boy, oh boy do I feel it, and I know I'll be right where you are when my kids reach adulthood.

Your cousins post inspired me to read the Bible to my kids more often.

Carolina: Welcome to my blog! My Mukor is a huge sci-fi fan, so there is a lot of discussion about spaceships. And lasagna is just plain delicious, right?!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Trips? Where? MOm