Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Confessions of a Kindergartener

For his Kindergarten class, LittleMan has a journal that he has to write in every M-Th. I really like this idea, but I find it interesting the kinds of things my soon-to-be-7-years-old son writes about.

Sometimes, he'll declare that he doesn't know what to write, so I'll suggest he write about doing Karate class or playing with one of his friends. These suggestions are ALWAYS met with, "Uh... no thanks mom."

I give you a brief excerpt from the untitled journal currently in progress - from my LittleMan. I only wish I could replicate his handwriting.


Snow kums in wintr.

I will tel you wen it is wintr.
(Note - Sorry to break it to you LittleMan, but we live in California.)

I like to wash the dishs.
(Note - Really?! That's news to me!)

I hav a worm. It is speshiul.
(Note - Really?! That's news to me!)

3:11 Tomato
3:13 Toy
3:15 Tak
3:17 Torpedo
3:22 Tap
3:25 Tree
3:27 Top
3:29 Tun
3:31 Tigr
3:35 Ti
(Note - I have no idea what prompted this form of writing. The only thing that is clear from this is that he started writing at 3:11 PM)

I have an igwana. I see igwanas all the time.
(Note - Really?! That is... you notice a pattern forming here?)

A cup is ful.
(Note - I have no idea what word "Astalu" is. Anyone? BUELLER?!)

Televigon sets show videos. My favorite video is Star Wors.

Win I wus in Texis I had the mose grate time and I wus at this rivr and I plade insid the rivr.

Owr howse is a tiny square floting in spase.
(Note - ?!?!?!?!?!)

How dus wind mak wid?
My asr is wind maks wind.

oops sum won has fallin. I shud pik thim up. Shud I or shud I not.

I kleing up avrey day. Not rele avry day.

My brfday is going to be son. But it is not gun to be tomarowe.

Yeah, I think he should continue ignoring my suggestions too.


All Things BD said...

I'm glad he pulled back from the bald faced lie of cleaning every day. :)

I think it's funny that he can't even lie TO HIMSELF.

Anonymous said...

The "how does wind make wind" question? Deep. I think you may have yourself a mini-Socrates there.

Mama DB said...

"Astalu" is gonna bug me ALL DAY.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...he has no idea he is revealing the inside of his head! It is so tempting to ask him what he was thinking..but he would probably give you the "man" answer...."Nothing." It is almost "stream of consciousness" writing. WOW....soooo...what is "Astalu?" lol Mom

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! My son has one too, for first grade, and he just brought it home the other day, so I have been looking through it. It's so sweet the things they write!

Lorraine said...

Sounding out words and recording the result is priceless. This has just started in our house, in fact, this is the note that made it's way into my room this morning, after I decided to laze in on a Sunday morning (apparently a little too long)...From Colette "Mom, Wie du you stae in bed soe log?" and then later "Noelle is a poopeeball". Like I said, priceless.

Carolina said...

This is so funny, some are almost poetic. Did you ever find the worm?
Here's my favorite quote this week from one of my second graders: "Teacher, how do you spell-shake your booty-?"
Me: "s-h-a-k-e....".
I'm wondering what the parents will think when they open up his journal.