Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Watch Comedies When I Live Them

Or maybe it is only I who thinks that my children are pretty hilarious.

Let me quantify this hilarity by saying that I don't mean that my children tell mean knock-knock jokes. Although, who can get tired of the punch lines that usually involve the noun of the joke bonking someone on the head. Now that's pure comedy!

However, what I'm referring to here is how my children constantly surprise me. Let me give you these examples from each of my children:

BoopaLoop has been obsessed with the "Iny-miny-miney-moe" form of selection.

Me - Which top do you want to wear to school?

BoopaLoop - Can I do Iny-miny-miney-moe?

She rarely picks the one that "wins", but at least she picks SOMETHING.

Me - Do you want to go to the park or home?

BoopaLoop - Can I do Iny-miny-miney-moe?

Seriously, she does it for every choice.

We were at Costco, and I was debating which fruit to buy. So, I made the mistake of asking BoopaLoop.

Me - Honey, should we get grapes or strawberries?

BoopaLoop - Can I do Iny-miny-miney-moe?

Me - (Sighing inside) Sure.

BoopaLoop - Iny-miny-miney-moe. Catch the tiger by the toe. When he hollers let him go. My mother told me to pick the best one and you are it! (Her finger was pointing to the grapes.) I want both of them.

Me - (Laughing)

Later that day during dinner at home...

BoopaLoop - I'm still hungry.

Me - Would you like more chicken or broccoli?

BoopaLoop - Can I do Iny-miny-miney-moe.

Me - (Sighing inside) Sure.

BoopaLoop - (She ends pointing at the chicken. She blinks.) I don't want either.

Okay, perhaps it isn't THAT funny, but to see a four year old go through all that just to declare what she really wants is just funny to me.

Then we have LittleMan. I told him that we have to get the house ship-shape for this birthday party this Saturday. I asked him and BoopaLoop to clean the playroom.

This job should have taken 5 - maybe 10 minutes. Instead, LittleMan came into the kitchen to inform me that he was done after working for 45 minutes! I just assumed that he did the job and then began playing. I had no idea he had been working that long.

I wandered out to the playroom to find the playroom spotless, but again, I didn't think it would take that long.

Me - This is wonderful guys!

LittleMan - But that's not all.

Me - ?!?!?!?!?!

LittleMan took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom

LittleMan - I organized your closet, and I made your bed. I put your pajamas on your pillow for tonight.

My heart melted right there. The reason I find this hysterical though is because this particular tendency for neatness did NOT come from me. This behavior is straight from My Mukor. I love my men.

As you can tell from my footwear, I'm not a dress-up kind of gal. In fact, I own exactly two pairs of dress-up shoes, and one of them was sitting in my car at the time of this picture. You never know when you have to throw on some strappy shoes to wear with your jeans. Right?

The fact that LittleMan did this for me and thought it was something special made me realize that perhaps I should make his bed more often. Usually I leave that chore to them. If they want their beds made, they will make it - but seeing as how he considered this to be a real treat for me gave me pause. I think I'll surprise him on his birthday with a made bed with his pajamas on his pillow.


All Things BD said...

I love BoopaLoop. I can't wait to see her again. Her brain makes me smile.

And honestly, how in the world did LittleMan figure out which of your 79 pairs of athletic shoes actually went together? He should get high praise for THAT.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's just adorable. Especially the part where she didn't want either.

And as a person that really find peace in things being organized, that boy of yours rocks!

soggibottom said...

There is a pair of jimmy chews there.
At the back, on the bottom........

Lorraine said...

I see shoes for all occasions here, dress up tennis shoes, casual Friday tennis shoes, and manual labor tennis shoes...oh, and shoes to wear on the tennis court when you are actually playing a game of tennis. Your kids are way too cool.

Carolina said...

I think you need to capitalize on your son's urge to organize, for sure. And I agree w/ all things bd, he deserves high praise for matching the shoes...maybe your daughter helped him: "eeny meeny miny mo..."