Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family At Play

I have been very bad about keeping up with my blog. It isn't because there hasn't been anything to blog about, but I have been so busy these days, I haven't had time to blog. That's not the part I miss though. What I miss most is reading all of your blogs. I'm going to do that as soon as I post these pictures.

Today, we took a deep breath and enjoyed our yard. I had been unable to take full advantage of these quiet moments since it is when my body is at rest that my mind works overtime - but not today. I wouldn't allow it!

Here are my pup-pups playing together.

Winnie (the dog in white) is 14 lbs. Travis is 45 lbs. It took a few days for them to figure out how to play together. Travis didn't want to hurt Winnie, so initially he just stood there staring at Winnie while Winnie yipped at him. It was pretty funny. Now, Winnie runs around like a mad dog while Travis chases, and Winnie will gnaw on Travis's neck.

There are moments as a mom where you try not to let your overactive imagination get the better of you. For example, you see your child wander from the bathroom with a cup full of water, enter their bedroom, and then exit the bedroom with an empty cup. A mom will want an immediate explanation, but I have a tendency to SCREAM my request for information rather than staying calm. I am working on this.

Today, I watched as my children took their flexible pop-up tent, a picnic plate and a bunch of flower petals away from their usual spot. Rather than SCREAM for an explanation, I secretly followed them.

This is what I found.

They are having a tea party in the garden. Yes, I am VERY relieved that I didn't yell at them.

I can always tell when my children think they are doing something they think I will not approve of. Fortunately, this wasn't one of those times. I can tell because they are both smiling at the camera rather than hiding, and they look relaxed rather than stressed out that mom is going to blow.

After a while, we came inside, and BoopaLoop requested that I paint her toe nails. I got out my hot pink nail polish and went to work. Seeing how much fun we were having, LittleMan asked if I could paint his nails.

Me - Sure, honey. I have this clear nail polish that would be perfect for you. (Sexist, I know.)

LittleMan - Awe, why can't I have the pink nail polish.

Me - (After only the slightest of hesitations) You can. Would you like pink?

LittleMan - (Smiling from ear to ear) YEAH!

I go about putting on the pink nail polish on LittleMan.

BoopaLoop - (To LittleMan) You look like a girl.

She giggles.

LittleMan - Mom? Can you take off this nail polish?

Me - Why?! It looks so nice.

LittleMan - Uh, I don't think it is appropriate.

I have to be honest - I was SERIOUSLY relieved.


All Things BD said...

Who WOULDN'T want to have a tea party in a tent amidst the nature? Sounds divine.

And I'm kinda glad too that LittleMan decided the nail polish was too much.

Anonymous said...

Yup...I am afraid I am a little old school. Plus, I think the other boys might not be as enlightened.. Loved the pictures. Mom

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