Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day Late and a Dollar Short

I think I'm on Jamaican time. I didn't order AllThingBD's present in time, I didn't mail off my niece's present in time, and I didn't post this Happy Birthday blog in time.

Right now, I have a system to assure that I get to appointments on time or early. I set my car clock ahead 5 minutes. This way I scream through traffic and take short cuts to make certain I arrive on time.

Yes, I recognize as I'm looking at the clock that it is set 5 minutes ahead, but for some reason this works for me.

I don't have a good solution for things that are in my calendar. Perhaps I should set it 5 days ahead.

In any case, back to the purpose of this blog.

Happy 7th Birthday, LittleMan! (one day late)

I love you, LittleMan.


Mama DB said...

I cannot believe he's 7!!!! Wait, no he's not. He's still 3, holding his toddling sister's hand with my toddling daughter clinging to the back of his shirt. He's not 7!!!!

All Things BD said...

Wait, if he's seven, that makes me... hmm, carry the one... oh crap.

Happy birthday little man!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Little Man... You are a joy to your Grandma

Anonymous said...

Happy 7th birthday, Little Man. Glad I share my annievrsary with J with the anniversary of your birth.

on that note, am I supposed to see a baby in the ultasound picture? I'm so bad at those things. Is it like one of those ones where you stare at it for minutes and tehn cross your eyes and you see a pirate ship?