Thursday, December 11, 2008

1st Floor: Sci-Fi Convention

Once a week, LittleMan gets an allergy shot. Most of these trips have been uneventful. We enter, wait with countless others, get our named called, get the shot, grab a lollipop, and then leave. Today, however, we were in the waiting room with nameless faces, but two caught my eye: a boy about 12 years old and his father who looked a lot like Peter Jackson.

No, no, it wasn't THE Peter Jackson, but a guy who looked like he had ignored the same barber for some time. Since we were in Beverly Hills, I assumed this guy to be some eccentric talent... like a movie sound guy or a film editor.

Anyway, after the allergy shot was given (and my kids agonized over which lollipop color to pick *sigh*) we left the office and waited for the elevator. Soon enough, the Peter Jackson clone and his son arrived to wait with us. LittleMan noticed the 12-year old's lollipop.

LittleMan: "Your lollipop is green just like mine!"
12-Year Old: "Yup."
Me: "Ah, but his lollipop matches his shirt, LittleMan."
12-Year Old: "Actually, green is my favorite color."
LittleMan: "Me too."

BoopaLoop: Noticing the dad's lollipop, "Your lollipop is red."
Dad: Smiling, "Yeah."
Me: "But his lollipop doesn't match his shirt. See? It is gray." After a moment, "I suppose gray wouldn't be a very delicious-looking lollipop... except to kids your age", gesturing to the 12-year old.
12-Year Old: Nods his agreement

I don't really know why I kept comparing the lollipops to their shirts except to say that I'm in a habit of teaching my kids through games whenever I think to do it. I'm going to use that as my excuse (even though my kids are well beyond the "identify this color" stage) otherwise I just look like a loony.

12-Year Old: Notices my 'Jedi Academy Training' sweatshirt
Me: "Pretty cool sweatshirt, huh?"
12-Year Old: "Live long and prosper."
Me: Smiling, "That's the wrong movie."
12-Year Old: "I'm a Trekkie."

Elevator doors open, and we all get in.

Me: "Yeah, I'm a fan of Star Trek."
12-Year Old: "Are you familiar with 'Next Generation'?"
Me: "Oh, yeah!"
12-Year Old: "Resistance is futile."
Me: "Nice! Are you familiar with the game Yahtzee?"
12-Year Old: Looking slightly disappointed, "Yeah."
Me: "Well, we have a funny saying whenever a player is trying to roll a Yahtzee of ones. We say, Alexander, a Klingon warrior does not roll for ones!"

Well, I figured these two would appreciate and recognize the reference, but I had no idea they would lose control of themselves with laughter. While these two were laughing way too hard at my statement, I noticed that the elevator had filled up. There were 8 women, 2 men, 3 kids and a dog (being carried). I can only imagine what they were thinking about this conversation.

Dad of 12-Year Old: Begins to speak to me in Klingon
Me: Smiling at Dad but trying to keep the "you're a loon" look from my face
Dad: "That's basic Klingon."
Me: "Wow! That's... nice."

I'm smiling now enjoying this crazy family, but I'm certain several people in the elevator wish to escape right now.

Me: "Speaking of my sweatshirt, when do you think my son would be old enough to see Star Wars?"
Dad: "How old is he?"
Me: "6"
Random 40-something Year Old Man At Front Of Elevator: "Humph! My kids saw all 6 movies by the time they were 7. He's old enough."
Me: "..."

Elevator doors opened, and the kids and I got off. I called out a farewell and thanks to the two men and the 12-Year Old remaining in the elevator, and smiled to the kids.

Note to self: If you want to engage in elevator conversation with 35-45 year old men, talk about Star Wars or Star Trek.

Me: "That was kind of cool meeting so many people in elevator. Usually people don't like to talk to strangers on an elevator."
LittleMan: "Why?"
Me: "I dunno. People are so busy thinking about their schedules and stuff."
Random 40-something Year Old Woman: "There was a comedian that said, If you want to clear out an elevator, enter the elevator, face all of the passengers, and laugh loudly."
Me: Chuckling, "Yeah, I don't know what I would do if someone did that."

Note To Self REVISED: If you want people to talk to you, wear the JEDI sweatshirt... and if you don't, try what the comedian suggested.

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