Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's My Line?

I don't know if you are familiar with the late 1950's TV show, but I'm currently addicted to it. I blame my brother, AllThingsBD's hubby, for exposing me to the charm and curiosity that is this show.

The rules of the game aren't that important to read this blog entry, but I will say that at least one point in the show, a celebrity is brought before the panel - and this is only one of the many highlights of the show.

I'm facsincated by the then-celebrities. Most I don't even recognize - like Ralph Bellamy (who I know as the sweet old business man from the 1990 film "Pretty Woman"). Isn't that strange? Perhaps not to you, but with the fervor that is "celebrity" these days, it seems I'll never forget Brad/Angelina or Ben/Jennifer or Britney or whomever is gracing the covers of rag mags today.

But it seems that over time their stars will dim while a new face, a new "it" person takes over our impulse-buy shopping spaces. I find that a little sad and reassuring. Sad that these people who are given such importance will not be regarded at all if our civilization crumbles. Weird thought, I know - but think about it. All these people do is entertain. Don't get me wrong. I love movies, tv shows and music. But, history tells us that our civilization will indeed be ruins one day, so what will remain that will be valued by the the next civilization? Mr. & Mrs. Smith? CSI? U2? Doubful.

However, I am reassured that entertainers will be brought back down to the level they should be regarded which is a necessary luxury - not Gods.  And yet, who from our era will be revered by the next civilization? Our inventors? Authors? I dunno. 

But if the TV show "What's My Line?" is anything to go by, it won't be our celebrities.


All Things BD said...

I recognized Ralph Bellamy too!!

The other day, the celebrity was the governor of Alaska. Think about that. They didn't know who it was! Two reasons: no mass media coverage, and Alaska still wasn't a state! Love it.

Michele said...

As I live half the continent away from you, Tiff, I have no idea where What's My Line is on the TV spectrum..Do you have a dish or cable? I remember the show, and yes they are quaint to watch now. Even seeing someone write a letter seems like that type of thing happened a long time ago. Ralph Bellamy was a big time actor of his day.