Friday, December 5, 2008

Meme - Purse Confessions

Normally, I dedicate Fridays to "Free Enterprise Friday", but after an outing with Mama DB and our children tonight, I was inspired to create this Meme.

So, Mama DB and All Things BD, you have been tagged. Once tagged, you need to pass it on to two others (or not - I really can't make you).

I have titled this Meme "Purse Confessions".

Empty your purse, and reveal to the world all you have stored inside. If the use of the item listed is not obvious, please provide an explanation. (Mama DB, I can't wait to hear some of yours... which of course prompted this blog.)

TYPE OF PURSE: Generic backpack purse
COLOR: Black
Little Front Pocket
- Car keys
- Altoids (wintergreen flavor)
- Three pens
- Garage key
- Burts Bees Lip Balm (addictive)
- 22d Airlift Squadron Medallion (I use when playing poker. I got it from a friend's sister.)
- Copy of My Mukor's car key
- The Doctor's Brush Picks (Excellent dental tool discovered by All Things BD)
- Copy of My Mom's house keys
Front Zipper Pocket
- Numerous membership cards
- 'Sumita' facial blotting tissues with tea tree oil
- LittleMan's asthma medication prescription
- Various business cards
- My school ID cards from elementary and middle school (Given to me by My Mom and make great conversation pieces)
- Expired coupons
- Random wallet-sized photos
Front Zipper Section
- Pick Up Palz (to give away)
- Gift cards to local restaurant Cafe 50s
- 4 Madagascar 2 toys from Happy Meals
Back Zipper Section
- Bank checks
- 4 Islands Restaurant $5 Gift Cards (for stocking stuffers)
- Unopened Sony DVC (cassette for video camera)
- Newspaper clipping for (toying with the idea of taking a writing class)
- Jiffy Lube rewards club card
- List of presents my children want to buy for other people
- Opened and fully used Sony DVC
Change Purse
- Too much change weighing my purse down (but all change and no trash!)
Bill Compartment
- Empty (Carrying cash can be too dangerous for me.)
Quick Card Access Area
- Driver's License
- Credit Cards
- YMCA Membership card
- Contact information for a lady I play tennis with
- Coffee Bean gift card
- AMF Bowling gift card
- Aquarium parking pass
- Social Security Card (?!)
- Expired coupon to Toys R Us
- Starbucks Coffee gift card
- Insurance card
- Bed Bath and Beyond gift card
- Borders gift card
- Suncoast gift card
- Playdate LLC credit cards

Wow! No trash in my purse?! Well, except for the expired coupons, but still that's... unbelievable!

... Oh wait, the cleanliness is due to my recent trip to visit All Things BD in Texas, so I cleaned my purse out before the airport scanner saw how much TRASH filled it up.

Okay, there is my list. If I haven't tagged you and you want to do one, please let me know, so I can read it. My mocking pen is at the ready... I can't wait.


All Things BD said...

Oh, please save my heart and brain and take all those gift cards out of your purse before it gets stolen and you're out all that money.

Thank you.

Security word=derato, which made me think of a deranged potato, which is stupid so OF COURSE, I would post that here.

I accept your tag, and shall comply, WITH PHOTOS.

Mama DB said...

oh my gosh. I'm so glad you posted this tonight and let me know. I have to get the jug of milk and bag of apples out of there and into the fridge!!!

security word=rombl, which made me think of rumba or Rumba! and then I got to thinking of Strictly Ballroom and now I'm in need of a Paul Mercurio fix

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, what a great idea... I'm scared to go look in my purse now, not sure what's in there!!! :) I'd better get it cleaned out in case this comes around to me.

Don said...

I, a man, started carrying a satchel this summer. It is an army surplus bag we've had for years...we once used it for drinks and bait when we went fishing.

Any route...I've taken some disgusting ribbing from homophobics and my wife about my satchel, but I know it is an efficient method to convey my wallet and phone, and keys and now my personal digital camera (and instructions).

Michele's giggling when I grope around in the bag for my keys has irritated me a bit, so I thank you ladies for proving to me that my man-purse is nothing like yours.

Carry on, ladies, as will I.

DJ said...

I make myself carry a small purse so that I won't shove too much stuff in there, but I still manage to pile in all sorts of stuff I don't really need. All bets are off if I have kids though, then I'll probably be like my grandmother who carried these huge purses filled with all sorts of random things like plastic silverware and lightbulbs in there "just in case".