Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Mom Day

Dear Mom:

Happy New Year! Thank you for letting us come, visit, and generally make a complete disaster of your home. I've been thinking of advertising the children as demolishion-ists, but I doubt any reasonable company would insure them. Anyway, I want you to know that I always have the best of intentions to clean your home once I've gathered all of our stuff and packed it away for departure, but somehow the anxiety of getting on the road and going home propels us out of town before I can make good on my intentions.

That's alright, I know you'll say. You've always wanted all of the bathroom items strewn about in the living room, and the kitchen appliances full of kitchen tools. How many suprises did we leave you with this time?

Which reminds me, I need to throw away reorganize some of the children's toys to make room for the new toys they got for Christmas. And, what a wonderful Christmas season we had, Mom! I know you credit your parents for instilling in you and your sister the value of family, but I credit you two with continuing that legacy. I'm blessed to have three cousins who I view more like brothers rather than distant, extended family.

I'm also so pleased we got to see so much of AllThingsBD's family. Thank you for sharing her blog posting with me. I agree that our dog, Travis, has never looked better than that photo she took.

For New Year's, we spent the evening with MamaDB's family. We played a wacky board game while watching the ball drop at both 9 PM and Midnight. Nothing like watching the young kids ring in the new year with a complete lack of understanding as to what all the brouhaha was about. But, what does it matter? The kids had a blast playing with their friends and enjoying the atmosphere.

The trip home from your house was uneventful. BoopaLoop and LittleMan watched their new movie from Boodle and Loodle, "Barbie's Princess and The Pauper". BoopaLoop declared that the bad guy in that movie was really mean, but she wanted to see it again. I can't imagine where she gets her propensity to rewatch movies.

You can see it during our next trip to Grandma's, BoopaLoop.

Until then, know we love you and miss you, Mom.

Love, Tiffany


DJ said...

Sounds like your Christmas was fun!
Aren't mothers the best? :)

Don said...

Your holidays sound like happy whirlwind and energy, with stores of positive memories for your children. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

...and full of joy for Mom-Grandma...especially with all my children (including the Texas contingent)home and enjoying each other...I love to watch them treasure each other. Oh...and I haven't found any "kid spore" around the house as yet. I am sure I will..just when I need to be reminded of your visit. Mom xxoo

Tiffany T said...

DJ - My mom is way up there on the Best Moms List, that's for sure.

Don - Exactly! Family is what it is all about.

AnonyMom - Kid spore?! Are you kidding me? Geez mom :).