Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your Mama!

I was watching my children do pretend play today.

BoopaLoop - Okay, I'll be the Mommy.

LittleMan - [Pretending to wail]

BoopaLoop - [Walks over to LittleMan with her hands on her hips.] You need to calm down.

LittleMan - [Rolling around on the floor continuing to make high pitched noises.]

BoopaLoop - That does it. Go on time out! [Keeping one hand on her hip with the other pointing to the corner]

LittleMan - [Crawling to the corner while making less irritating noises.]

BoopaLoop - [Following behind him with both hands on her hips.]

LittleMan - Okay, pretend I went on time out and I pointed my sword at you.

BoopaLoop - No, I'm the good Mommy.

LittleMan - Like real Mommy.

BoopaLoop - Yeah.

LittleMan - Oh, I can't attack you.

I guess I find some comfort in that...


DJ said...

Well, that's good that your kids won't be attacking you. ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe, lol Mom