Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potato Bug

A while back, I posted a comment on someone's blog about disgusting insects that most Southern Californians refer to as 'potato bugs'. If you don't like bugs of any kind, I apologize for the picture I've included of this bug.

Although it is called a potato bug, the actual name of this insect is the Jeruselum Cricket. It isn't poisonous, but it can pack one heck of a bite. You can read more about how to kill it fascinating details about this thing here.

Even as a grown woman, I scream at the sight of these nasty bugs. The photo I found doesn't really show how big these suckers are. Every one I've seen is about the size of my thumb from palm to tip. In other words, you can't miss them.

Just looking at this photo gives me goosebumps. I'm sorry if your dreams include this frightening creature. But, as you know, misery loves company. [*Shiver*]


DJ said...

Ewwwww! Ewwwww! Yucky bug! Ewwwww! It's really that big?! Ewwwww! I am so glad I am not in Southern California! (Never thought I'd say that in the middle of winter, but I can handle snow better than bugs)
Yuck! Sorry for the freakout, but I really hate bugs. (shiver)

Don said...

It was 20 degrees below zero here in Michigan last night. We remind ourselves frequently that there are a few (very few) benefits, such as killing off creepies and crawlies.

Think of Walt Disney the next time you notice one of your attack crickets. It is one of many critters old Walt cute-i-fied. I wonder if he ever struggled with a Crunching Creature from Cricketville?

Anonymous said...

OK....Ewwwww! dittos...

Michele said...

The size still boggles my mind! Thank GOD, and I truly mean that, for winter. From the frozen north, and I truly mean that, too. (Fourth day in a row waking to -20).