Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

The other day I was having a conversation with my mom about dreams. She asked me,

"Tiffany, do you fly in your dreams?"

Me - "Fly? Not really. I sort of... bounce."

Mom - Aghast, "Really?! Me too!"

Me - Aghast as well, "Really?! I can't believe it!"

That's just weird. I don't know anyone else who bounces in their dream. I mean seriously, what is that about? It isn't like I'm a fan of the movie "Flubber" or anything. In fact, I think I've seen that movie exactly one time... years ago... I might have even fallen asleep since I don't remember much of the story.

I wish I could attribute it to having watched some strange movie or having read a sci-fi book, but the fact is that she and I have the exact same dream for no apparent reason.

There is one difference between our two dreams: my mom is wearing special bouncing boots. I guess I think of myself as special enough to not need boots, Mom. Either that or I'm secretly jealous that I don't get to wear cool boots in my bouncing dream.

The dream goes like this, and it is EXACTLY THE SAME:

Standing on the sidewalk. The jump turns into a bounce. Higher and higher until the curvature of the Earth is seen. At this point, I get a little scared by the height, but my mom is thrilled by it in her dream. The end.

So that's the psychic connection my mother and I share: we have the same bizarre dreams at different times.

And I ask you, what kind of lame psychic power is that?!

You don't see the X-Men with silly powers like this. Couldn't you have tried at least ONE kind of wacky drug while you were pregnant with me, Mom? Just one?! Sheesh...


Anonymous said...

blue boots

All Things BD said...

I seem to teleport in my dreams. I constantly go from one scene/place to another with absolutely no transition.

I also do the running as fast as I can but not actually getting anywhere in my dreams. What does THAT say about me?

Anonymous said...

It's very clear...Tigger is also a bouncer and he is the eternal optimist. You and your mom are following in his footsteps and are both optimists, choosing to see the best in life rather than focusing on the negative. Plus, you're both a little silly. If you focused on the negative, you would be an Eyore. It's always better to be a Tigger so congratulations!

Tiffany T said...

AnonyMom - Sorry mom, BLUE boots.

ATBD - Teleportation?! Now, that's just cool. However the running in place part is pretty creepy. Try to stick to teleportation.

AnonyLaura - Awe, I love Tigger. I much prefer your interpretation of my dreams than believing I'm a crazy person. But then, my mom is pretty crazy...

DJ said...

Can't say that I have ever bounced in my dreams. I have more of the uncontrollable, freaky floating going on. :)