Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Student Has Now Become Arrogant

I'm certain most of you are familiar with the "High Five" game that goes something like this...

Raise your hand up to your child, "Hit me five!"
Child slaps your palm.

"On the side", holding your palm to one side.
Child slaps your palm.

"Up high", holding your palm face down, high enough for the child to barely reach.
Child slaps your palm.

"Down low...", holding your palm face up but around the child's waist.
And just when you see the child putting everything into slapping your palm, you pull your hand back at the last minute and say...

"... too slow."

Now, most children love this game, but you have to know your child's personality. If your child doesn't like being tricked or can't give up even after becoming increasingly frustrated at being "too slow" then you may want to pass on this game.

My children like physical challenges like this one, so I did it too BoopaLoop first.

She loved giving me "High Fives" especially seeing how hard she could hit my palm. When it came to "too slow" she giggled. LittleMan immediately clamored for a turn.

So, he slapped five, on the side, and up high with full gusto! I put my palm down and said, "Down low...". He knew what was coming, so he waited just a beat, and before I knew it, he hit my palm.

With a twinkle in his eye he said, "...too fast."


Don said...

Stay on this kid's good side, Mom.

DJ said...

That's pretty funny. :) I guess he's too smart.

Anonymous said...

lol...made me laugh out loud..Go Lil'Man! Grandma