Monday, November 10, 2008

Radiation, Lasagna and Astronauts

Every so often I am really proud of a dinner I put together for my family. Not just because it is good but because my kids will actually enjoy it. I made Lasagna with a secret family recipe for the cheese, a spring salad, garlic bread and peas. My kids actually ate the peas first. I don't watch them eat when they pick vegetables to eat first. I'm afraid any attention I give them will disrupt the molecules around them causing them to suddenly realize they are not behaving like normal children.

We were eating leftovers of this meal for dinner last night. After the first serving, My Mukor gave himself a second helping and put it into the microwave to heat.  He is one of those people who needs his food piping hot. Watching his father, LittleMan asked the following question:

LittleMan: "Why is Daddy doing that?"
Me: "He is heating it up to make it hot."
My Mukor: "How long should I put it in for, sweetie?"
Me: "I'd put it in 3 minutes."
My Mukor: "Really?  I did one."
Me: "Well, the outsides will get nice and hot, but the insides will still be cold. Or, you could smush it down."
My Mukor: "Yeah, I'll do that. I don't really mind it smushed down."
LittleMan: [Listening to the conversation with interest] "Why does smushing it down make it hotter?"
Me: "The thicker the food you are trying to heat, the longer it will take the microwave to heat the center. It has to go a lot further to get to the center than when it goes through a thin layer."
LittleMan: "So..."
My Mukor: "So if you are in a space ship, and the aliens are shooting at you with their radiation guns, make certain to surround yourself in a thick layer of lasagna."

Between My Mukor and I our children will never get a reasonable explanation for anything.


Don said...

On day, Mother, the little people will treat you in kind. It might even be when you ask them for help with your computer.

What a tangled web we weave...

Don said...

Correction: Make that, 'One' day. Stupid typos.

ManicMandee said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! So I guess you found my blog through Jennifer P.? Do you know her personally? She's so cool.

Mama DB said...

I always surround myself in a thick layer of lasagna when the aliens are attacking.

P.S. Security word: hotip

gingela5 said...

haha...that sounds like a dream being in a thick layer of lasagna...yummmm

Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, that is too cute. I love the things come up with!!

Tiffany T said...

Don: Typos are the worst, but you didn't need to correct yours. The "e" was completely implied.

ManicMandee: Actually, I don't "know" Jennifer P, but I love her blog and her spirit! I'm glad I found you too.

Mama DB: Girl, you are whacked. No wonder we are good friends.

Gingela: LOL! When My Mukor first said that, my brain said, "WHAT?!", but I quickly put together what he was saying, and I swear he has probably dreamed something involving being wrapped in lasagna. He loves that dish so much.

Tabitha: Thanks! My family's creative thinking sure keeps me on my toes and my face smiling.