Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exhausted but satisfied

Yet again, I kept my children out of school, so we could visit Disneyland. At the end of February we did this same thing, and then a couple of weeks ago, my kids missed a week of school to visit family in Austin.

What is wrong with me?

I rationalize that it is okay to ditch school since BoopaLoop is still in pre-school and LittleMan is a repeat Kindergartener... but STILL!

Whatever. We had a blast, but I'm am extremely tired.

I have a lot of pictures to show of our trip today to Disneyland with MamaDB's family, but that's what the next few blogs will showcase. Until I've downloaded all of these photos off of my digital camera, I will leave you with these two conversations that I had with LittleMan in a restaurant we stopped at on the way home today.

Me - BoopaLoop, did you eat all of your broccoli?

BoopaLoop - (Smiling) Yes!

Me - That's such a great job! Your body LOVES broccoli!

BoopaLoop - (Picks up the last broccoli to put into her mouth)

Me - Your body loves, Loves, LOVES broccoli.

LittleMan - But your tongue does NOT like it.


(In the ladies' room)

Me - Honey, are you doing alright in there.

LittleMan - Yup

(About 10 minutes pass)

Me - Honey, are you having some icky poop issues?

LittleMan - Nope. It is just coming out slow.

Me - (Getting a little grossed out)

(About 2 minutes pass)

LittleMan - It is a little creamy... and tiny and short.

Me - That's... great. (EW - TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!)

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