Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the third day of... REDUX

I couldn't stand it.

I finally went through all of my zoo pictures from our trip to Texas, and they were AWFUL. I'm not talking "Oh, I'm such an accomplished photographer that I could NEVER show these ameturish pictures to the public" bad pictures; I'm talking "For the love of PETE, what in the world was I talking a picture of here?!" bad.

I mean, I had a picture where it was clear that I was trying to capture a crocodile with my kids, nieces and All Things BD looking at the animal through the glass, but instead I captured a bunch of blondish-brown haired people looking at a gigantic reflection of my SIL's face! Nice.

I was tempted to post that picture for you all to see, but I love my SIL too much to do that to her.

Did I not SEE how awful that picture was on my digital camera? The camera even has a nifty little aid called a DIGITAL DISPLAY to help me weed out the garbage!! But, I deemed this photo worthy of keeping.


Well, I am going to plead ignorance. Actually, I'm going to blame my SIL and MamaDB for being such great photographers that I can't look at my own pictures without comparing it to their brilliance.

I have been spoiled.

However, the pictures I took the next day at a park and river were pretty good, so tomorrow's pictures will be much nicer.

I could only find two pictures from the zoo that were worth posting... and I used the word "worth" lightly here. Please judge for yourselves.

LittleMan finding the log in front of him more fascinating than the bald eagles. I can't help but put people in my pictures. Even when they are looking at a log that is 2 inches in front of their face. It is a sickness.

I took this picture, and it wasn't until later when I was looking at it that I noticed this look that the rhino was giving my kiddos. I think I'm glad I was ignorant at the time. Cause that's just what my SIL needed at the time - her vising friend to throw down a good hysterics-bash in the middle of a gun-packing state. Surrounded by wild animals.

Okay, this wasn't taken at the zoo. And it wasn't taken by me. Here I am holding my eldest niece, Boodle, for a photo op at the park. You will see more photos from this outing tomorrow. The reason I posted this photo today on the zoo post was so you wouldn't feel inclined to compare my photos with All Things BD. "I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection!" (Anyone?)

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All Things BD said...

I've been trying to place the quote, but... FAIL.

Your pics will get better, you just need to get familiar with the camera. And I LIKE that you get people in your zoo shots.