Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the 2nd to last day in Texas, my SIL did for me...

All Things BD took some fabulous pictures of me sitting with each of the kids.

First was me with BoopaLoop.

Next was me with LittleMan.

Next was me with my niece, Loodle.

And finally was me with my niece, Boodle.

She's a pretty excellent photographer, no? Anyone who can make two people look this photogenic is a miracle worker, in my opinion.

Yesterday, I posted a movie quote (located below the final picture I posted). For those of you who were DYING to know what movie that was a quote from, here it is. It is a quote from the dinosaur in Toy Story when he is worried that the little boy, Andy, will be receiving a mean dinosaur for his birthday. And he says, "What if Andy gets another dinosaur - a mean one? I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection?!"

My Mukor claims that the quote is too obscure, but I submit that any parent of little ones has seen that movie often enough to have the whole thing memorized. Unfortunately. To think that I can't remember why I entered the kitchen some days, but my brain has all of the dialog to Toy Story filling it up concerns me a little.

I have more pictures of our time at the park / river place, but I'll post those on Monday.

After that, I'll write a book entitled "How to Stretch Out Your Vacation Photos Over Several Blogs In 1 Easy Step".

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Anonymous said...

wow..I love these..Mom