Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Sickness and For Health

About a week ago, I was sick. Again. And like all good mothers, I passed my illness on to my LittleMan.

This was how he looked 10 minutes before we left for the doctor's office. Ironically, we were visiting the doctor for BoopaLoop who had an infection. She's doing very well now. Ah, the wonders of antibiotics...

However, LittleMan went from bouncing around in the morning, to telling me that he was a little tired, to building a sick-nest on the floor (pictured), and finally falling asleep in the van on the way to the doctor's.

Dr. K., the pediatrician, is amazing, and she's been the kids' doctor since LittleMan was 7 months old. Our appointment was for BoopaLoop only, but she insisted on checking out LittleMan just to be sure. Yup. LittleMan has the flu.

By the time we were done at the doctor's office, it was well past lunchtime. LittleMan claimed to be feeling "much better", and BoopaLoop was so good for the doctor that they convinced me that we should go to a restaurant for lunch.

I know! I'm a bad, bad, bad parent. But we had a good time, so I'm exonerated from all wrong doing.

I almost pushed this trip further by including a trip to a shoe store for me, but I decided THAT was going too far with sick children.

I'm really in desperate need of new tennis shoes. Granted, I have one pair of dress shoes and that would be high heel boots, and I have 3 pairs of running shoes - all of which need to be replaced. But, I consider the tennis shoes my highest priority.

I will buy 4 pairs of tennis shoes per year. I will buy new shoes of the other varieties once every 3 years! Apparently, with how often I play tennis I'm supposed to replace them every two months. I do it every 3-4 months.

Here is what my current pair of tennis shoes look like.

It is the lack of tread that is the problem. Several ladies on my team have twisted ankles, broken feet, and pulled calf muscles all from having poor shoes.

See? It takes a health hazard for me to buy new shoes. Now if there was a health hazard for not wearing the appropriate shoe to go with an evening dress, I'd have the proper motivation to go shopping.

Now, if only there was a health hazard requiring me to have an evening dress.


Mama DB said...

ah, little man! I'm so sorry he's sick. Is this going to affect your plans this coming week?

Word Verification: Chortu.
Def. 1. chortu. A sound uttered when one is just too tired to actually chortle.

All Things BD said...

That pic of LM is purely awesome. He EMBODIES the word "sick".

Loodle stayed home sick a few weeks ago and I took her to THE MALL. For hours. That's good parenting right there.

And MY word verification: "dards"


Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

Ah, those little guys. Hope the whole family feels good soon.

I would LOVE to eat lunch at a place like that... from the balcony that the picture shows! It's snowing here today, and freezing!

soggibottom said...

Think you might be slightly carried away with the new camera....
Good snaps though........ of the kids
x x x hope they are both feeling better.

Don said...

Evening Dress Health Hazard Loophole: