Monday, March 23, 2009

We're back (*grumble*)

As to be expected, upon arriving back to the open arms of My Mukor, I was hit with a wave of joy - followed soon thereafter with a wave of sadness.

We had a blast with All Things BD's family, and I love my nieces like they are my own daughters. Every time we return home, I feel like there is a huge chunk of me sitting in Texas.

Stupid California. Stupid beautiful weather. Stupid My Mukor's company doing well. Stupid family and friends here in Cali. Stupid, stupid, stupid... sigh.

It is times like this that I wish teleportation was a scientific possibility.

(*shaking it off*) Hhhheeeeaaaaa. Okay, enough of that. Here are a few pictures of the many pictures I took during our trip to Texas. Interestingly, there aren't any of All Things BD or my brother. Huh. I'll have to correct that next time.

Interesting. This picture looked to be in focus when I took it. I will blame hunger. I boarded the plane after not eating dinner (I was too busy last-minute packing). Our flight was at 7:15 PM. We would arrive in Texas in the wee hours. BoopaLoop cried during take off but didn't notice anything on the trip back home.

The following day, BoopaLoop woke up, had breakfast and proceeded to throw-up all over the dining room table. I didn't actually see this. I was blissfully unaware - sleeping to my heart's content. Once I woke up, my SIL then regaled me with the horrific events.

Did I mention that I love my SIL?

By the next day, BoopaLoop was just fine, so we went to the local park. I'll have more pictures to share tomorrow.

Loodle and BoopaLoop took it upon themselves to gather all of the pill bugs (or rollie-pollies) to keep them "safe" from the fire ants. They had an entire family amassed. Boodle decided to keep one for her very own pet... which later died (the very next day).

LittleMan didn't care that he was borrowing his cousins' "girly" scooter. It was a scooter, and it was cool. He would tear up the sidewalk at the park until he reached the highest point. Then, he would put both feet on the scooter and shoot down the hill regardless of who was standing on the sidewalk - like his little sister - who he then yelled at to move out of the way - and barely avoided when she finally noticed him and scrambled to the side. I yelled at him a little bit.


All Things BD said...

Ahh, good times. Well, not the vomit so much. But the rest. Miss you already.

DJ said...

Sounds like fun! (except for the whole vomit thing, but you got to avoid that anyway. :)

Lorraine said...

Love seeing photos of the kids having such a good time!