Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evidence Of Bad Parenting

One of the most important things a parent can give a child is an education.

So we ditched school and went to Disneyland - AGAIN!

The usual suspects: Charlie Brown, Lucy, LittleMan and BoopaLoop.

LittleMan had a hard time standing still waiting for MamaDB to come back with the strollers.

BoopaLoop desperately wanted to be tall enough to be a fireman.

Charlie Brown wanted to try it too!

At the end of the day, the kids were still all smiles.

But, MamaDB and I had HAD enough. I failed to bring my camera in for a picture of our delicious Red Lobster dinner...

... which is probably best since I don't want to incur the wrath of AllThingsBD.


All Things BD said...

I'm sorry. Did you say you went to not only Disneyland, but then Red Lobster without me? You're DEAD to me.

Tiffany T said...

Uh... no?

Look, my shoes were untied, and I was young and needed the money, and... yeah, I have no good excuse.

So instead I'll say that MamaDB forced me to do it - even though it WAS my idea.

Mama DB said...

ahh, I really need to brave bringing my camera next time we have a ditch day!

Mama DB said...

wow, DID YOU JUST THROW ME UNDER THE BUS, TIFF? You are dead to me as well. If you want to get in my good graces you'll have to hand over those 4 cheesy biscuits you took home with you last night.

Oh, did you tell BD about the waiter that threw your Caesar salad into my backpack and all of our bread plates at the table next to us? Good times.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland AND Red Lobster? It's like the PERFECT day. I love those cheddar biscuits. Glad the kids had fun even though you're setting yourself up for raising some juvenile delinquents...skipping school already. Nice... Hahahahah!

Funny story, my sister and I both love Red Lobster, but both of our men think it's TOTAL OVERPRICED CRAP so we never go with our guys. We tend to hit up Red Lobster whenever we have Sister Days. Gotta love shrimp scampi!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh goodness... you live close enough to just skip school and crash Disney!??!! I'm so jealous!!


freshmommyblog.comPS. Thanks for the link you sent me... hilarious!

Carolina said...

I never go to Disneyland if it isn't during the week. I love myself too much. :)