Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Monday Madness

My sister-in-law, AllThingsBD, visited this last weekend. How great of a Mother's Day gift is that for me?!

It was one of the most memorable Mother's Day holidays EVAR! I saw Star Trek with my mother, I played poker and Yatzee with my SIL, and we drove home without children - which meant we could blast the music and stop wherever we wanted to.

Normally, after such a wonderful visit with her, I experience sadness, but this time I was able to completely override those feelings with joy for my children. You see, they were looking forward to Monday. Now, Mondays are usually sneered at and avoided at all costs, but their new gynmastics class is on Mondays. And they LOVE gymnastics.

As soon as their class is over, they ask if they can do it again. As far as I'm concerned that makes this class the best class in world. Seriously.

So, what I have learned is that to live through the sadness that is the removal of my SIL, I just have to make certain I have something else that I'm really looking forward too immediately following.

I think I can manage that.


All Things BD said...

No, that Mother's Day weekend was a gift to ME. Well, except for the flight delay and turbulence freak out.

Love that pic of the kids!

Don said...

I think this discovery is going to change your life, Tiff. You've found a way to neutralize sadness and maintain your giddiness.

Maybe you'll be known as the 'Giddy-Up Girl'?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day weekend! Especially the blasting the music and stopping wherever you want part.

And that's a great cure for getting over missing someone. Find something else to make you happy. Glad the kids enjoyed the gymnastics.

Lorraine said...

I'm impressed, you guys are doing a great job on getting those visits in. In some ways, a concentrated visit can provide a lot more magic than living in the same town. Plus, the kids get to look forward to the anticipation of playing together all under the same roof! Slumber Central!

soggibottom said...

Now, they really are cute.