Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little paradise

As some of you know, I play tennis - a LOT of tennis.

A couple of weeks ago when my tennis was at its peak "busy-ness", I played 8 times in one week. That included 2-3 matches for 3 different teams I'm on. It was insane, but I was playing really great. I think since I was playing doubles instead of singles, I was able to maintain that crazy-course without anything breaking or falling off my body.

Last week, one of the teams I am on finished its season. To celebrate the fact that we came in 5th or 6th of 12, we had a luncheon at our captain's house. Okay, we really didn't need a reason to celebrate - we were going to do it anyway.

Isn't this an amazing home?! You can see the natural-looking pool in the background.  I was bummed I didn't have my bathing suit - even though it was chilly in the wind. (I know I'm going to get flack from Meg about using the word "chilly" in 72 degree weather.)

Oh - I'm the one in olive green. (NO! I can't just say "green". My shirt isn't green enough to call just GREEN, so I am doing the anal thing and being specific with my colors, alright?)

This is a shot from the other side of the table. The beautiful woman at the end wearing the apron is the captain and hostess. Behind her is where she put the desserts and beverages.

She put together the lime/flower center pieces herself.

Here is a closer look at the mango soup our hostess prepared herself. She called it a soup, but it was just a puree and cold - and DELICIOUS. I am not a huge fan of mangos, but this was yummy. I'm certain it had to do with the brown sugar, raspberries, and ginger she put in it. I was not prepared to like it at all, but I ate it all up - and seriously considered breaching protocol by licking the dish clean.

The next course was delivered in lime colored (of course) chinese take-out boxes with beautiful dark-wood chopstix sticking out. Inside was chicken, asparagus, red pepper, and gold pepper in a sauce that was light yet satisfying.

It was an incredible experience hanging out with my tennis friends and getting to know them off the court.

Now, that I'm not playing as much tennis, I have to get some housework done.

Our dirty laundry pile nearly hits the ceiling.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutley right. 'Cause I would've been in the pool with those temps.

What a lovely party. I'm somewhat awed (ie COMPLETELY AMAZED) that someone can put together a party like that. Come on over to my house. I'll have some beer in the coolers and plenty of finger food. Martha Stewart I am not.

All Things BD said...

Sounds like an amazing afternoon. I'm with Meg: catered deli sandwiches and diet coke, anyone?

Don said...

Tony Bourdain would like his people to talk with your people.

Lorraine said...

This is Game, Set & Match to the lady with the Mango dish! Or, LOVE-LOVE it ALL! Fun post because it makes the readers want to come and join that great party.

Mama DB said...

beautiful spread! My house? Paper napkins, various cars, boxes of kleenex, expired coupons and camera chargers adorn my table. Seriously need to get my act together!