Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I once was lost...

... but now am


I am exhausted (as you can tell from this picture). I keep having these weird dreams where I'm trying to capture a special moment my kids are having on my digital camera, and I remember that it is gone.

I went to the gymnastics place on Monday - hoping that someone found it and turned it in. I was 70% certain that I had left it there, but I didn't remember actually holding the camera. I just had a vague memory of putting it under the chair I was sitting at, filling out forms to enroll my kids in the class.

The lady at the front desk was very nice, sympathized with my stupidity, and went looking in various drawers for the camera. She searched through all of the drawers that I could see and a few I couldn't and came back empty handed.

I created LOST posters to pin up at the gymnastics place figuring someone might have remembered seeing it. Maybe someone saw who might have picked it up.

I went back to the gymnastics place today to re-request permission to put my posters up all over their place, and a different lady said, "A digital camera? Oh, we have it!"

I nearly cried.

Right there.

In front of these people - these people who will always be the MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in the world.

They handed me the camera, and asked why I hadn't called. Good question, I thought. They went on to tell me that they took some pictures of the special needs team and would I mind e-mailing them those pictures. I said that I would love to do that. I would have given them my children (okay, not that... but close) I was so filled with gratitude and surprise.

Who would have turned this in? Well, it turns out that when I went to the front office to sign my documents for enrolling the kids, I left the camera sitting on the counter. The lady I spoke to thought it might be mine, but I didn't have any pictures left on it, so she couldn't verify it 100%. They just waiting for me to call.

So, I have my camera back.

I am happy.

I am grateful.

I am tired.

Time for a happy-nap.


All Things BD said...

Hoo. ray.

I'm still a little perplexed over their use of your camera, even though it was for a very worthy cause. Perhaps I've been married to my cynical husband for too long. And like I said, it beats a middle school kid taking pictures down his pants.

Mama DB said...


Yeah, that is a bit odd that they would just go ahead and use it. But what the hay. I thought for sure that camera was a goner. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh yippy! I'm so glad you found your camera. I would feel lost without mine, too. YAY FOR YOU! And YAY for nice people turning in a lost camera! And a double YAY for the heck of it.

soggibottom said...

Pleased you have it back.
Put it around your neck on a long cord..... but make sure you don't pull it too tight. x x x

Lorraine said...

Tiffany - I emphathize. I've had many a nightmare over the 'virtualness' of digital photography. We become so dependent on the actual device, and on our hard-drives. I need to get into the routine of printing again. Glad you found it - must have been a great feeling! Well, maybe the happy nap was even better!

Carolina said...

I couldn't find a memory card today, and I only searched for five minutes, but I was already filled with dread, and tired. So I can just imagine your camera ordeal.
And I'm ready for a mother's day full of happy naps. Have a good one.

soggibottom said...

Forgot... it's your Mothering Sunday tomorrow.... have a great Mothers Day girls x x x x

Fresh Mommy said...

I don't know what I would do if I lost my camera!!! So happy for you that you found it!