Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Aftermath

Halloween is a happily celebrated holiday for our family - as is evidenced by our front lawn. Every year I go to the local cheap-but-nice-decorations store to buy yet another thing to litter my home with. This year I bought a string of gleeful ghosts that make it only 1/2 way up our walkway. Next year, I'm certain I'll buy the other half.

I blame the children for this unnecessary expense. My husband and I were happily sitting in our homes on this fateful day for 8 years. We may have carved a pumpkin or two during that time, but that was just to compete in the ??-annual pumpkin carving contest AllThingsBD's family was hosting. I would buy some cheap-o candy to hand out that would later be seen in Grandma's crystal bowl for the next century.

Now I have it all: Milky Way, Snickers Bar, Smarties, M&M Packs, GumBlow, Skittles, Reece's, Hersheys, etc. And, like last year, I bought way too much candy for the few kids that actually come to our house for trick-or-treating. We have two mixing bowls worth of candy left over.

My kids are over the moon about this. In all likelihood this extra candy will end up in their buckets to prevent My Mukor and I from eating it all (especailly the Reece's Peanut Butter Cups... hmm... peanut butter...).

Anyway, I know the children are to blame, but I love it! LittleMan was a black Power Ranger, and BoopaLoop was "SuperGirl Man".  You can't buy this kind of entertainment and joy! My Mukor was Aragorn from LotR, and I was sick mommy in pajamas. I stayed home to hand out candy and spread my disease to the children. *Cough* If your child is sick, I apologize profusely... Want some candy?


All Things BD said...

I blame MamaDB, because I started feeling sick last night and today I just want to knock myself in the head so I can be unconscious for 24 hours.

We left our bowl of candy outside on a chair until around 10:30pm, and all the candy was gone. We credit the older punks who come out after 9:30pm for keeping us chocolate-free.

Don said...

Sorry you're feeling, 'leave me alone to die', sick.

Inside jab: Maybe you caught something from that Wiccan broomstick.

Any pix of the kids and their costumes?

Life goes on...even if you don't.

Happy Halloween.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

And I absolutely LOVE those peanut butter cups... wanna send some my way??!!! I don't think Baby Blue got any of those for me to steal! :)

Casey said...

That sucks that you spent Halloween feeling sick. We had a sick kid with a high fever and double ear infection but she didn't know it was Halloween so we're in the clear. Hope you feel better soon!

Tabitha Blue said...

Well, hope you really are feeling better now. It's always nice to get a chance to slow down though and see your family in a different light and enjoy that time!! :)

gingela5 said...

All of the leftover candy is killing me too! I picked the worst time to diet!