Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spatial Awareness

I must have been insane today because I chose to take the children with me to the grocery store. It wasn't even a last minute decision! I actively planned our day so they would end up coming with me. If I had to include them in a shopping trip, you'd think I was smart enough to make it a quick trip, right? WRONG! This was our semi-monthly shopping day which usually takes about 45 minutes (especially since the stores keep messing with my mind remodelling).

Now, my children are pretty well behaved. I don't know why that is... I'm going to chalk that one up to God and his sense of humor. Anyway, they were still pretty well behaved when we went to the grocery store together. The part that frustrates me to no end is my children's complete lack of spatial awareness.  Do you see the lady with the cart filled to the brim with groceries coming your way? Do you see the width of the aisle? How can you not see what is coming? Oops, nope - they didn't move in time and an elbow or head got ripped by the oncoming traffic.

I know what you are probably thinking - they are just children and adults should watch out for them. In defense of the adults, they DO! I kid you not. I will grab my child by the collar after the 40th barrage of "MOVE!"s has gone unheeded, and the adult will begin to press forward thinking that my child will stay put. Most children do. My children don't. As soon as I let go, BAM! Right into the cart. What is wrong with you?

Seriously, how do you not understand cause and effect yet? Am I asking too much of my children? They are 4 and 6, and I think they understand perfectly, but they are too stubborn to take MY advice. If they didn't think to move on their own, they will go back to their spot and move back to me of their own accord.

So, after the third BAM into a grocery cart, I had two sobbing children while I was trying to shop. I'm a genius.

I'm laughing when I should be crying because I'm pretty certain my children get their stubborness from me. Those are MY genes at work.

I told you God has a sense of humor.


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