Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning - buh, buh, buh, buh...

There are some days that you get excited about, plan for, and jump in with both feet. There are other days that pass you by without a second thought. Then there are days like today that would under normal circumstances be taken for granted except you have a blog to document and appreciate the surprises that came.

That is one of the primary reasons I blog - to remember that which I don't want to forget about the day. My day is sometimes filled with silliness or frustration, but there are always those beautiful moments that keep me sane.

So, here are some of the beautiful moments I want to remember from today:

LittleMan sympathetically informing me that BoopaLoop tinkled in her bed, BoopaLoop allowing me to change her waredrobe without a peep, playing "Crazy Pretend Teacher" with my children, watching my children play "Crazy Pretent Teacher" alone, enjoying the replay of the morning events as told by my children over breakfast, seeing my children give the remains of their breakfast to the dog, reconnecting with friends over e-mail and blogs, listening to my kids laughing at each other's silliness, My Mukor quietly gathering beach necessities without my micromanaging, LittleMan's final soccer game, partying with 6-year old soccer players for the season ender gathering, watching the 35 (yup we counted them) sailboats in the ocean, watching the children squeal as the freezing ocean water touched their toes, listening to my children repeat verbatim the DVD movie playing in the van, snuggling with My Mukor, the dog licking the children's faces, watching BoopaLoop dunk herself in the bathtub, and ending the day with a delicious dinner at Olive Garden!

Yup, sometimes I just need a little beauty to remind me of how blessed I am.


Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds perfect... and I just love when I can change a diaper without a reaction... just fun play :)

steenky bee said...

Aw....we blog for the same reason, I see.

All Things BD said...

Sounds like you're celebrating thanksgiving early. :)

Don said...

There is a lot to be thankful for, or to feel good about, in our personal worlds.

You set a good example for the rest of us, Tiff.

I've noticed that recognizing what we are grateful for, what we value and appreciate, sounds very much like a Thanksgiving Grace.

Recording our appreciation is a benefit of blogging for ourselves and for our guests.

Thank you for your honesty.