Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whatever works

I love tennis.

I love playing tennis.  I love watching tennis. I love talking about tennis. It is my sport. My husband doesn't watch any sports. I know - I'm lucky to have found a man not obsessed with sports. But, it is funny to be the athletic teacher in our family.

I played baseball, softball and soccer growing up, so I'm able to handle some of the basic sport education for my kids. However, I'm completely clueless about basketball, hockey, or football. Fortunately, my husband is part Sicilian, so our children are on the smallish side.  I don't think these sports will be a factor in their lives. I could be wrong, of course. DOUBTFUL!!

Anyway, back to my tennis obsession.

I find myself looking online for tennis news, and I run across some fascinating stories about tennis. Here is something I ran across from February 2005.

If you look closely at the top of the white building, you will see a green circle on it. That is a helipad the Dubai Hotel converted into a grass tennis court to promote the upcoming Dubai Open.
Andre Agassi and Roger Federer were invited to try out the court for some friendly tennis play. Both Agassi and Federer were in awe over the height and view, but as soon as a serve was in the air, all thoughts of sight-seeing went out the window, and the men got down to tennis business. Personally, I can't imagine that the wind swirling at that height made play very easy.

Then, I found this recent story on the news feed.

This is Dann and Brian Battistone - brothers who have taken professional tennis by storm. Not because of their decent record (they are the 206th & 207th ranked double players in the world), and not because Brian Battistone serves in tennis like a volleyball jump serve (click here to see - it is incredible to behold). No, they are taking the tennis world by storm because of their unique racket design. Approved by the International Tennis Federation or ITF, the brothers claim that "The Natural" allows them to hit two-handed open stance forehands on either side therefore reducing the strain hitting on one side puts on your back.

I say whatever. If it minimizes injury and is legal, then who cares the reason. Plus, the dual handle just looks really cool.

Now that I think about it, I need a second racket. Do you think I should buy one? It costs a mere $250 bucks! Honestly, if I had that kind of money to throw away on a tennis racket, I really should use it to improve my game.

And, I don't think any kind of racket will help THAT.


All Things BD said...

That court completely freaks me out. Is there no catch net on the edge? Aaaaaaaagghhhh!!!

Don said...

Maybe you should start a niche blog on tennis.

I'm serious. You can search on ClickBank for affiliate products to advertise. No inventory, no cost, only a commission.

www.tenniswithtiff.com is available. I checked on http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/domains/

Mama DB said...

Um, I've broken out in hives at the thought of even standing on that helipad, let alone running around playing tennis, not paying attention to the edge!!!!


Tiffany T said...

Geez, when did my friends become such wimps?! And, Don, are you getting tired of my tennis posts? Is that why you want me to move them, huh... HUH?!

Don said...

I think tennis is good for you, Tiff. Maybe you should go smack some balls around...RIGHT NOW.

We can communicate later (when you are, umm, tired).

And I don't mind the tennis posts. I just thought you might enjoy making money with your passion.

Wait a minute! Maybe I should start a tennis blog with ClickBank products and just link to your tennis entries for body copy!

If there's money in it, and no pictures, I think I could be tenniswithtiff.

There is the attitude part, though. I'd have to work on that.

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the men playing in the Santa Maria Country Club/Comcast Open Tennis Tournament (the one in which you won the club womens' singles tournament...Mothers can say this stuff...lol)have a man that served like this and had one of these rackets? Was that his name? It was fascinating to watch. MOM

Michele said...

Tiffany I have to say my husband was/is SERIOUS about the new tennis blog or site, whatever. The internet is definitely his new frontier. And your blog on the Dubai court left too much to everyone's overactive imaginations! But the serve was very cool.

jill jill bo bill said...

That is reeediculous!!!! I heard there was going to be a new cruise to Dubai next year....I WON'T be playing on that court. I can't even fathom how I would be able to survive the stair climb up there!!!