Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I arrived to pick up BoopaLoop from pre-school today, and she immediately greeted me with, "Mommy, look what I made!"

I looked at what she was showing me.

Me - Uh...

I had no idea what this was. Of course, I was completely worried that I would crush her little artistic spirit by not immediately recognizing what it was she had created. I'm certain in her head it was obvious, but the first words that came to my head (graveyard, yellow disk of death) were probably NOT remotely close to what it was.

Me - That is really beautiful honey.

This is a generic response I often use in the hopes that flattery will prompt her to rattle off more details about her creation to help me figure out what in heaven's name is going on.

BoopaLoop - It is a garden.

Me - Oh, wow! Of course it is, look at all the lovely things growing in it!

My daughter is looking at me strangely.

BoopaLoop - There is nothing growing IN it. It is a pretend garden.

My mistake. Evidently I wasn't fooling anyone with my mad acting skillz.


All Things BD said...

In college, they taught us to say this when faced with a child's artwork: "Tell me about what you made!" That gem has gotten me out of many an awkward situation with the girls.

And I love the puzzle piece in the middle of everything. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like that as in "duh, Mom, clearly this is a pretend garden. How could I possible grow something amongst the clay, sticks, puzzle piece (and is that a ghost?) and other various bits?"

soggibottom said...

I'm with you on this one. I would have said a graveyard too.
A GOOD ONE though.

Don said...

I don't think we can fool kids nearly as often as we think we can. Luckily, they are quick forgivers...then they grow up.

DJ said...

He he, that's funny. I never know what to say when kids show me their artwork. All Things BD's suggestion is great. :)

Mark said...

"she doesn’t have bad dreams because she’s just a piece of plastic."

Tiffany T said...

ATBD: Man, I knew one day you having that degree was going to bite me in the ARSE! Fine, I'll try your stupid-brilliant idea.

Meg: That is EXACTLY how my daughter sounded - like she was explaining something to an idiot.

Soggi: Graveyard, right? I mean, it has a ghost and everything.

Don: HA! Ain't that the truth...

DJ: Don't boost ATBD's ego anymore than necessary. She'll rub it in how brilliant she is for years to come :).

Mark: HAHAHA! Exactly, but Newt sounded a lot more respectful than my daughter did.

soggibottom said...

he he he .....................