Monday, April 20, 2009

On Friday, I was a bad parent.

I was exhausted! I can always tell when I'm tired. I snap at the kids, I find myself sighing instead of laughing at their antics, and I can't seem to string together the proper words to form a cohesive thought.

So, Friday, I took a nap. My kids were awake, my door was open, but I was still able to take a nap.

It was lovely.

When I woke up an hour and a half later (that's right!), I was immediately inundated with horrible thoughts: were my kids safe, did they start a fire, did the house collapse on top of them?!

Hurrying out (but trying to act cool, calm, collected in case I was over-reacting) I found my kids drawing quietly. They weren't using permanent markers. They weren't drawing on my floor. They weren't fighting! They weren't... destroying.

I was so relieved and puzzled that all I could think to ask was if they had eaten a snack yet. Yes, they said.  They gestured to a chair nearby without looking up from their drawings. Here is what they had put together:

Apples and bananas with plastic forks and knives.

Seriously, who are these children?


Fresh Mommy said...

Oh Tiffany, we all have those days.... but so glad you could find the way to rest. Sounds like your kids did perfectly well with it!! That's awesome!


Mama DB said...

your kids are weird.

Carolina said...

The funny thing is that they probably were happy you were napping and they were left to their own devices. I nap on the couch when I need it, and my kid is just fine, doesn't miss me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Glad the house didn't collapse around you. And I'm impressed with the snack!

All Things BD said...

My kids would have gotten the candy buckets down from Halloween and had a par-tay. Your kids rock.

Anonymous said...

They are my grandchildren...Grandma

soggibottom said...

Healthy stuff.. I would have had tomatoes and banana's.
Good thinking kids!

Tiffany T said...

Tabitha: Thanks, T! It is moments like this that I get over-confident and pat myself on the back for being a great mom... you know, right before they decide to draw on the walls.

Mama: Takes one...

Carolina: Oh man, that's probably true. I remember being elated when my mom went upstairs for a little while.

Meg: I know! It is mind-boggling.

ATBD: Well, that's what happens when you raise geniuses. Good luck with that :).

AnonyMom: Nice job taking credit for their good behavior, Mom. Where were you when they were feeding the VCR with PB&Js?

Lorraine said...

I'm still laughing at Mama DB's comment!