Saturday, April 18, 2009

How NOT To Handle Salmon

... or a knife, for that matter.

I had every intention of getting a shot of MamaDB looking like a fool (like she did to me and the onion incident), but it would appear that I really have NO idea what I'm doing in the kitchen.

I would like to dedicate this video to my mother - who did the smart and brave thing and gave up trying to show me how to do anything in the kitchen. I love you, Mom!

Let's review:

1. Never handle raw fish unless you have a plan for where you intent to put it down to cut.
2. It is more efficient to cut French Bread horizontally rather than vertically.
3. Is there a point to using salted butter versus unsalted butter?

The salmon turned out beautifully, and the meal was delicious - so there!


Mama DB said... make a kick-ass lasagna. No knife required.

All Things BD said...

What IS the point of salted butter?

And I'm SO not on board with cutting French loaf in that manner.

Mark said...

It's like a reality cooking show, see? And you get some tips in there. Mostly in how NOT to do things.

This is money!

Tiffany T said...

Mama - Thanks, dearie! Now, if our family could only live off of cheese, sauce and meat, we'd be set!

ATBD - Salted butter, right? After seeing the video, I'm not in favor of that method for cutting either. I don't know if I can change though.

Mark - I NEVER noticed that I put my index finger on the knife when cutting. I don't even know how that is comfortable! Money in the bank - true story.

Anonymous said...

I love the part where, and I'm assuming, you dropped the fish? The look on your face...pricless.

Also, I once cut a bagel horizontally, like how you're SUPPOSED to, and the knife went all the way through the bagel and into my index finger. So, horizontal is not always better.

Anonymous said...