Friday, April 3, 2009

Get dirty (grubby, grubby)!

Anyone recognize the title?  Talk about obscure references. It is the beginning of an 80's jingle for Lava Soap. "Get dirty (grubby, grubby) we'll Lava ya clean!"

That's all I remember of the commercial.

And I couldn't find any reference to this jingle on YouTube. So, it probably doesn't exist, right?

Too bad. This is my blog, and I say it existed... and if you happen to remember it too, I'd really appreciate your telling me that.

Anyway, I was reminded of this jingle while MamaDB and I were cleaning my living room yesterday. I don't remember the last time I really dusted this room. So, I took a couple of pictures to show who was stuck with the pleasant job of unearthing the grime.

Thanks, MamaDB!

Of course, looking at these pictures, I'm reminded of how much of a disaster our backyard is. I mean, why haven't we thrown away those blue gym squares? And what is all over the top of that wooden tray table? Is it really that dirty?!

Unfortunately, BoopaLoop came home from school yesterday with a fever. (I KNOW! She's been sick off and on for about 1 month now!) So, MamaDB wasn't able to come back over to play RockBand begin another cleaning project.

This morning BoopaLoop woke up feeling high spirited, but she still has a fever. I asked her if anything hurt, and she said no. I'm hoping this really is one of those 24 hour fever-things.

I'll keep you posted.

At least we know she's not sick from a dusty house.


All Things BD said...

I think she's reacting to the sight of that back porch. Intervention!

Mama DB said...

I hope she rebounds soon!

I may be reacting to the dust still *COUGH*.

I think my book shelve may be able to rival it. We'll have to get to work next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

go to and watch that ole " get nisty,nasty,grippy,groppy ..... GET DIRTYYyy !! comercial from 1981 * Yaaay *