Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you hear me now?

One of the various landmines I believe I, as a mom, have to circumvent is being the mediator of every SINGLE ARGUMENT between my two kids. I have to teach them to do it themselves - not use me.

In order to find peace help my children resolve their differences themselves, I try to recommend some... discussion strategies for them to use.

I was really feeling confident about my progress with this - until this conversation with LittleMan.

LittleMan - (Comes running to the room I am in) Mom, BoopaLoop won't play my game. She wants to play puppies, but I don't like that game!

Me - Why don't you tell her that you will play her game for a little while, say 15 minutes, and that you two will then switch to your game for 15 minutes. You can alternate.

LittleMan - Okay. (He marches off)

A few seconds pass.

LittleMan - BoopaLoop?!

BoopaLoop - Yeah!

LittleMan - Uh... why don't we... wait. (Giggling) I forgot.

Me - (I put my head in my hands and laugh)

Yes, LittleMan came back to me. Yes, I repeated myself. Yes, LittleMan got it right, and it all worked out, but I am so very curious to know exactly what he heard me say the first time.

Here are a couple of pictures that LittleMan took on Easter.

Seriously, what is his fascination with patterns? Perhaps he is a true artist and ahead of his time.

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All Things BD said...

He is so totally going to become an artist. Such an eye.