Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BoopaLoop's Perspective

As with any 4-year old girl who loves to wear the clothes she loves to wear (dirty or clean) and dislikes clothes she does NOT like to wear, BoopaLoop wanted to wear a skort, and more importantly, she wanted to dress herself. I told her that she could wear a skort as long as it was clean, and considering the cold weather, she had to wear them with leggings.

With these simple instructions, BoopaLoop emerged wearing the following:

Mission accomplished.

After I picked her up from pre-school, we decided to treat ourselves to Taco Bell for lunch. The drive-thru line was a little longer than I had expected, so to keep BoopaLoop's mind off her rumbling belly, I gave her my camera to take some pictures.

I love this picture of her leg. I especially love that her photo helped to illustrate that I don't clean underneath my cup holder often enough. Thank you for THAT, BoopaLoop.


All Things BD said...

She's gonna give Loodle a run for her money.

And seriously, ditch all the hand me down boy tshirts and invest in girly clothing NOW. :)

Tiffany T said...

ATBD: Look, I've TRIED! She LOVES that shirt. At least she comes by it honestly, I still sport jeans and t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

I love the Cars shirt. Rock it out, Boop!

However, how COLD was it? 'Cause if it was COLD by Michigan standards, leggings that hit just below the knee would probably be bad and your kid would end up with frostbite. Now, if it was COLD by CA standards (no offense, but you guys can be kinda wussy) I'd be rocking out the skort sans leggings. 'Cause CA cold is MI beach weather.

I do enjoy how her cousin is just as amazing of a dresser. Although, years from now I'm sure you all will be mocking me when I post pictures of my own children in mismatched clothes. Kharma is a bitch.

Tiffany T said...

Meg: Okay, when I say COLD, I mean there is a breeze which will cause her to have goosebumps and then complain about being cold. So to prevent this cycle of irritation, I try to recommend jackets when I can. But you are right, we are wimps.