Friday, April 17, 2009


Over at AllThingsBD, my sister-in-law has posted Loodle, their youngest girl, wearing various fashion... uh... art.

Well, we recently returned from visiting them in Texas, and I believe my BoopaLoop has learned a thing or two from her cousin, Loodle. Here is what she decided to wear.

Cause, nothing says fashion like jeans worn with a skort.

And, this is what happens when I ask her to pose. To bad she didn't learn some better techniques from Loodle.


All Things BD said...

I've been around Loodle's fashion world for so long that I see absolutely nothing wrong with BoopaLoop's outfit. Tell her I say so.

Mama DB said...

Uh, what's the problem? I think she looks fab.

Lorraine said...

I want to see more poses! Love the gusto!