Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What have I created?!

LittleMan is growing up too fast. Okay, he's growing up too fast FOR ME. This is the conversation I had with him yesterday that I wasn't expecting yet:

Setting - LittleMan and I were in the living room waiting for BoopaLoop to come out of the bathroom. I heard what I thought was BoopaLoop brushing her teeth.

Me - BoopaLoop, please bring me your hairbrush, so we can brush your hair.

LittleMan - She's going potty.

Me - Oh. (Trying to figure out what it is I heard since BoopaLoop wasn't brushing her teeth.)

LittleMan - What do you expect her to do? (He's smiling now.) Use the force (He is now pantomiming.) and float over to you in her chair and hand you the hairbrush so you can brush her hair?!

Me - (Shocked at the sarcasm and joy he was having at this ridiculous idea. - I LAUGHED!)

LittleMan - (Laughing too.)

It was quite a moment for me. LittleMan was actually funny - on PURPOSE! He still doesn't get how to make 'Knock Knock' jokes funny - but he gets sarcasm.

I don't know if this is a good thing.

Also, in an earlier blog I mentioned that I let the kids borrow my new digital camera to entertain themselves. Well, LittleMan asks to borrow the camera all the time now.

Here are a few pictures he has taken over the past week.

This photo collection is brought you by the letter "W" for... LittleMan.

LittleMan is fascinated by textures and "patterns" as he calls it. And his pediatrician still declared him perfectly healthy.

LittleMan noticed this car seat in some random vehicle and said, "Cool!".  I guess he likes car seat covers.

We were over at MamaDB's house, and Lucy, her daughter, helped LittleMan to capture this hedgehog in action!

And finally, a picture of LittleMan's favorite subject, his little sister BoopaLoop. He got her to do poses I have to bribe her to even come remotely CLOSE to these he got her to do naturally.


Lorraine said...

I'm loving the kids-eye-view!

Don said...

Your son is clever, funny, a bit artistic, a good big brother and a happy kid...that's what you've created.